Trump supporters mob Sen. Lindsey Graham at Reagan Airport in DC, call him a ‘traitor’

‘Lindsey Graham you are a TRAITOR to this country’: MAGA fans mob Trump loyalist at DC’s Reagan Airport, call him ‘a garbage human being’ and say ‘you better enjoy Gitmo’ after he turned on the president

  • Lindsey Graham was accosted at the Reagan Airport by Trump supporters
  • MAGA supporters yelled ‘traitor’ and demanded Graham ‘audit the vote’ 
  • Graham and Trump have a history, but they’ve been allies for years
  • Graham recently won reelection in South Carolina and originally supported Trump’s claims of election fraud 

Sen. Lindsey Graham made enemies with MAGA supporters this week, which he learned firsthand at Reagan Airport on Friday.

Graham was in the airport near Washington D.C. when he had a run-in with a number of vocal Donald Trump supporters.

It’s not clear if the supporters were part of the riots that took place at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Regardless, Graham received a chilly reception from the Trump supporters, with Mindy Robinson tweeting a video of their interaction at the airport.

‘Lindsey Graham just made the mistake walking by me and a mass of angry patriots at the airport in DC. All America wants is for you to AUDIT OUR VOTE and purge this election of this massive corruption…and you won’t do it. We’re not letting this ‘slide’ so expect more of this,’ Robinson wrote.

Scroll down for video 

The video picks up with someone yelling ‘you traitor’ at Graham as he’s surrounded by police officers walking down a corridor of the airport.

‘Lindsey Graham, you are a traitor to the country,’ someone yells. ‘You know it was rigged, you know it was rigged!’  

Graham seems to say something to the person yelling, but it’s inaudible.

Lindsey Graham was confronted by an angry mob of Trump supporters on Friday

MAGA supporters were angry at Graham for flipping on Trump after the Capitol riot

MAGA supporters were angry at Graham for flipping on Trump after the Capitol riot

Protesters threatened Graham and called him a 'traitor' for not sticking with Trump

Protesters threatened Graham and called him a ‘traitor’ for not sticking with Trump

‘You garbage human being,’ someone yells. ‘It’s gonna be like this forever wherever you go for the rest of your life.’

‘Audit the vote! Audit the vote! Audit the vote! Audit the vote! Piece of sh*t,’ someone says as Graham keeps walking.

People start chanting ‘Audit the Vote’ and ‘Audit Our Vote’ before someone yells ‘you son of a b*tch’ at Graham.

‘You better enjoy Gitmo,’ a protester yells, referencing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. ‘F*cking assh*le. Piece of sh*t.’ The video ends there.

Graham had called out Trump in a Fox News interview during presidential campaigning in February 2016.

‘I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office,’ Graham said at the time. ‘I’m a Republican, and he’s not. He’s not a conservative Republican, he’s an opportunist. He’s not fit to be president of the United States.’

Once Trump was sworn into the Oval Office, however, Graham worked quickly to become a top ally of the president.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Graham has voted on legislation in line with Trump 87.4 percent of the time over the past four years and hasn’t directly opposed him since October 2019.

The two have even golfed together over the years, hitting the links together as recently as Christmas Day.

Graham also backed Trump’s claims about election fraud in the aftermath of the latter’s defeat to Joe Biden in November.

‘Democracy depends upon fair elections. President Trump’s team is going to have a chance to make a case regarding voting irregularities,’ Graham said at the time. ‘I’m going to stand with President Trump.’

Graham flipped on Trump in the aftermath of Wednesday’s insurrection at the Capitol, however.

‘When it comes to accountability the president needs to understand that his actions were the problem not the solution,’ Graham said in a press conference on Thursday.

‘Trump and I, we’ve had a hell of a journey. I hate it to end this way. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected and will become the president and the vice president of the United States on January 20.’

‘It breaks my heart that my friend, a president of consequence, would allow yesterday to happen, and it will be a major part of his presidency,’ Graham continued. ‘It was a self-inflicted wound.’

Lindsey Graham won reelection in South Carolina back in November.


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