Tucker Carlson brands Biden a TYRANT over Giuliani raid and claims Lincoln Project was tipped-off

Tucker Carlson accused the Biden administration of ‘having all the hallmarks of tyranny’ over an FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani‘s Manhattan apartment, and claimed activist group The Lincoln Project were tipped off about the search.

Giuliani’s home was searched in a dawn raid, as part of an investigation into his work in Ukraine, and electronic devices were seized. No charges have been brought against the former New York City Mayor turned Donald Trump fixer. 

Last week, on April 24, the anti-Trump media group The Lincoln Project tweeted: ‘Multiple sources confirming something BIG is coming this Wednesday.’

Carlson said that this was a sign the organization, which has been riven by accusations of sexual harassment and questions over its use of donor money, was ‘the Democratic Party‘s campaign operation’.

Tucker Carlson used his show on Monday night to condemn the raid on Giuliani’s home

Rudy Giuliani's Upper East Side home was raided at 6am on Wednesday

Rudy Giuliani’s Upper East Side home was raided at 6am on Wednesday

‘The Feds notified their allies and the Democratic Party’s campaign operation, The Lincoln Project,’ said Carlson.

‘The Lincoln Project then bragged online that they knew this raid was coming.

‘Now, you may have thought The Lincoln Project was done.

‘We told you that, in fact. We believed it was permanently discredited by a child molestation scandal. But it wasn’t.

‘Under this administration, The Lincoln Project is strong stronger than ever. Strong enough to know about a FBI raid before it happens.’

He said the group, started by disillusioned ‘Never Trump’ Republican strategists, was ‘an ally of the White House.’

He added: ‘So, by definition, they can do whatever they want and they do.’

Giuliani, Donald Trump's former attorney, is seen on November 7 in Pennsylvania

Giuliani, Donald Trump’s former attorney, is seen on November 7 in Pennsylvania

Rudy Giuliani's apartment building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

On Wednesday afternoon, hours after the raid on Giuliani’s apartment, The Lincoln Project was trolling him, retweeting a 2018 tweet of his in which he wrote the word: ‘You’.

The activist group added: ‘Have the right to remain silent.’

Giuliani is yet to comment on the raid, and is it unclear if The Lincoln Project’s earlier tweet was a reference to the planned bust. 

Giuliani, a former New York prosecutor who was hired by Trump in April 2018, scheduled a press conference for 3pm, then abruptly cancelled it.

Carlson questioned why the FBI was raiding the former mayor of New York City’s home, and accused the government of using ‘the force of law to punish their political opponent’.

He also noted that Giuliani’s lawyer claimed the agents turned down the opportunity to take custody of a hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Giuliani had been shopping the hard drive to media organizations before the election, promising that it had compromising information about the Biden family, and potential evidence that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business deals in China and Ukraine.

Joe Biden has always denied being involved in his troubled son’s businesses.

Rudy Giuliani's Park Avenue office was also raided by federal investigators

Rudy Giuliani’s Park Avenue office was also raided by federal investigators

‘What is interesting is the one electronic device the Feds didn’t seize, the FBI did not take in today’s raid, was a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive from his laptop,’ said Carlson.

‘Giuliani had a copy of that in his apartment. At one point, they picked it up and looked at it but when Rudy Giuliani told them where it came from, it came from Hunter Biden, they put it down.

‘It was the one thing they didn’t want – and that is very strange, if you think about it.

Giuliani's lawyer Robert Costello blamed the investigation on 'Trump derangement syndrome' and also a accused agents of ignoring Hunter's hard drives during their search

Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello blamed the investigation on ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ and also a accused agents of ignoring Hunter’s hard drives during their search

‘The Justice Department is now telling us that Rudy Giuliani was somehow involved in foreign tampering with our democracy. Russia, by implication was involved.

‘See, you would think they would want to examine Rudy Giuliani’s own copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

‘Why? Because Hunter Biden himself just told us on television that that laptop and hard drive could be tied to Russian intelligence.

You know, the fake Russian laptop, with all of the photoshopped pictures of Hunter Biden smoking fake Russian crack with those fake Russian hookers.

‘So why wouldn’t they want his own copy of that?’

Robert Costello, a lawyer for Giuliani, told The Wall Street Journal that the warrant outlined an investigation into the suspected violation of overseas lobbying regulations.

At Giuliani’s office, they seized items including a computer used by his longtime assistant, Jo Ann Zafonte, who’s also been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury next month, Costello said.

‘They’re trying to make Rudy Giuliani look like a criminal,’ Costello told ABC.

‘He has done nothing wrong.’

Costello called the raids ‘legal thuggery,’ saying he had offered several times to answer questions from investigators, if they agreed to detail the subject of their probe.

‘It’s like I’m talking to a wall,’ he told the Journal.

Investigators in the Justice Department had tried for months to secure the search warrant, according to The New York Times.

Prior to President Biden taking office, Trump appointees at the Justice Department had tried to block approval of the warrant, the paper said.

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