Virginia father’s furious outburst at school board over classrooms that are STILL closed goes viral 

An angry father-of-two launched a furious rant at a Virginia school board over the plight of his children who have been kept out of the classroom since December because schools have been closed due to coronavirus

Footage of Brandon Michon, whose children are five and eight, raging at members of the Loudoun County school board on Tuesday has since gone viral.    

Michon, who is visibly angry throughout the video, called board members ‘cowards’ who should ‘hang your heads in shame’ for failing to keep schools open during the Covid pandemic. 

In Virginia, schools have been conducting online learning since December 2020, and were also closed from March 2020 until the end of the school year.  

‘You should all be fired from your day jobs,’ he said. ‘Because if your employers knew you were more inefficient than the DMV you would be replaced in a heartbeat.’  

Virginia father-of-two Brandon Michon is pictured as he launches a verbal attack on members of the Loudoun County schoolboard on Tuesday 

‘You’re a bunch of cowards, hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping school’s closed’, Michon added. ‘You think you’re some sort of martyrs [sic] for the decisions you’re making […]’.  

Michon raises his voice as he tells the board his trash collectors risk their lives ‘far more than anyone in this school system’. 

‘Figure it out! Or get off the podium,’ he shouts. 

‘Because you know what? There are people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. It’s not a high bar. Raise the freakin’ bar!’

After finishing his speech, as he is leaving the room, a woman says someone should wipe down the microphone Michon was speaking into. 

Michon speaks but is told that his time is up. He said he will return for future meetings. 

‘Open the freakin’ schools’, he shouts, off camera. 

The father-of-two told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson he attended school board meetings for months and his ‘blood started boiling’ during the speech because they had been ignoring parents’ concerns.

‘I want them to hear me. I want them to look up and pay attention,’ he said. 

Michon, pictured during his outburst, said he was angry because he'd been attending meetings for weeks but no one was listening to parents' concerns

Michon, pictured during his outburst, said he was angry because he’d been attending meetings for weeks but no one was listening to parents’ concerns 

He admitted that teachers were ‘thrown into these circumstances’ and were trying their best to manage the current situation.  

‘Look, a kindergarten teacher never signed up to be an online professor,’ he said.  ‘We’re all trying to figure this out together. Children, teachers, what we want is them back in schools learning and being children.’

He said his outburst was not related to any political affiliation, but ‘about the children’. However, he was critical in positions of power, failing to lead.

Michon urged parents across America to, ‘Phone in. Write an email’, to have their voices heard.   

He said it was essential to get children back in school, because they are ‘the most important asset in our life’. Their education is ‘all we have to look forward to, because they’re going to be taking care of us when we’re old’, he added. 

He also told Carlson: ‘What I said and what I was passionate about is, look, if you’re not going to lead — this country was built on strong leaders — take a step to the side,” he added. “That’s OK, and let other people step into that void. If you’re not going to get our kids back, make a plan and execute it. And you know what? You may fall a little short but it’s better than no plan at all.’ 

Local news site WTOP said some teachers said they don’t feel comfortable returning to schools until they’re vaccinated. 

Loudoun Interim Superintendent Scott Ziegler said people have phoned, emailed and sent messages containing ‘inflammatory messages’ to teachers since the outburst.  

‘We may disagree on the methods and timetable … but I would like us to agree that we all have our students’ best interests at heart,’ Ziegler said. 

A vote is set for Tuesday on a plan to allow students from pre-K to fifth grade to be back in school by 16 February, as long as they’re signed up to the hybrid model. 

The school board hopes to have middle and high schoolers in classrooms for a couple of days each week by 3 March.  

In December, Loudoun County announced its schools will return to online learning after the county recorded a 14 per cent Covid-19 positivity rate. Virginia schools were closed from March until the end of the 2020 school year. 

Elsewhere, in Florida, officials have previously promised to keep schools open during Spring, moving into the summer. 

Earlier this month, New York officials announced learning would switch back to being online in the nation’s largest school system. 

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