Woman allegedly ‘stabbed herself to fake self-defense after shooting husband,’ indicted for murder

Alabama woman, 66, charged with murdering her husband, 71, ‘stabbed herself in the genitals with a butcher knife to fake a self-defense claim before shooting him dead’

  • Linda Doyle, 66, allegedly killed her husband, James Foley, 71, in July 2019
  • When police responded to the scene, both were on the floor with injuries 
  • Linda Doyle was stabbed in the vagina and abdomen, but prosecutors allege she stabbed herself in those areas to fake a self-defense claim
  • Linda Doyle is being held on $100,000 bail and a murder charge 

A woman in Foley, Alabama is being charged with murder more than a year after prosecutors say she killed her husband. 

Linda Doyle, 66, was arrested on Tuesday, two and a half weeks after an indictment was issued for her in the death of her husband, 71-year-old James Doyle.

Linda is currently being held in the Baldwin County jail. 

After an incident on July 30, 2019, James Doyle was found shot to death, while Linda Doyle was found injured with a stab wound, which she was treated for.

James Doyle, 71, was found dead with a gunshot wound in July 2019

Linda Doyle, left, is accused of murdering her husband James in July 2019. The defense alleges Linda killed James in self-defense after suffering stab wounds to her vagina and abdomen

According to WKRG, prosecutors are claiming Linda’s stab wounds – which were to her vagina and abdomen – were inflicted upon herself in an effort to frame her husband for abuse.

‘Based on the evidence that has been recovered at this time, we don’t believe that Mr. Doyle inflicted those,’ assistant district attorney Patrick Doggett said.

The defense paints a much different story about the incident.

‘She was attacked, stabbed multiple times in the vagina with a butcher knife, managed to get out of bed, retrieve a pistol that was in the home for self-defense, and then managed to shoot and kill her assailant, which was her husband,’ said defense attorney John Furman.

Furman also alleged Linda was attacked by her husband after she refused sexual demands. The defense attorney claims James abused his wife for years.

Linda Doyle is being held at the Baldwin County Jail in Alabama on $100,000 bond

Linda Doyle is being held at the Baldwin County Jail in Alabama on $100,000 bond

‘It’s a tragic situation all the way around but the tragedy is only compounded at this point by trying to charge her with a homicide,’ Furman stated.

In July 2019, WKRG reported that both Linda and James were found lying on the floor of their River Trace home when the police responded to the scene.

An alleged domestic disturbance preceded James’ death. 

Bond for Linda has been set at $100,000. If she is able to make that bond, she will be required to wear a GPS monitor and remain in the state of Alabama ahead of her next court appearance, scheduled for January 15.


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