Woman arrested after texting sister April Fool that her workplace was targeted by active shooter

March 16: Eight people, including six Asian women, are killed in three separate shootings at spas in the Atlanta area. Suspect Robert Aaron Long, 21, has not been charged specifically with a hate crime in the incident.

March 17: Five people are shot in a drive-by shooting in Stockton, California while preparing a vigil. None suffer life-threatening injuries.

March 18: Four people are shot and hospitalized after being shot at a motel in Gresham, Oregon.

March 20: Five people are shot at a nightclub in Houston, Texas. One person is listed in critical condition with a neck injury, while the four others are listed in stable condition following the shooting.

March 20: An illegal party in Philadelphia leads to five people being shot, with one dying from their injuries.

March 23: 10 people are killed in a shooting at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa, who was shot in the leg, is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder.

March 23: Four people are shot at an Aliceville, Alabama home, including two high school students. Two people, including one high school student, die in the shooting.

March 26: Seven people are shot by two suspects outside of the Golf and Social Club bar in Philadelphia. Three victims suffer critical injuries, while four are initially listed in stable condition.

March 26: Four people are shot in Norfolk, Virginia, including three teenagers. None suffer life-threatening wounds.

March 26: Two suspects open fire at a gathering in the Wrightwood neighborhood of Chicago, wounding seven and killing one.

March 26: Three shootings take place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, though it’s not clear if they’re linked. Eight people are injured and two are killed in the shootings. 

March 27: Five people are shot in Memphis, with three killed and one suffering critical injuries. Suspect Michael Tucker is later found dead at a motel, potentially of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

March 27: Three are injured and one are killed when someone in a vehicle fires upon a party bus in River Gorge, Illinois.

March 27: Seven people are injured during a nightclub shooting in Yazoo City, Mississippi, with six people suffering gunshot wounds. 

March 28: Four people in an SUV are hit by gunfire on Interstate 57 in Chicago. All four go to the hospital in critical condition.

March 28: Seven people are shot in a nightclub in Cleveland, Ohio, potentially by multiple suspects.

March 28: A man killed his parents before killing two people at a convenience store in Essex, Maryland. He later takes his own life. 

March 31: Five people are shot in Washington DC following a dispute in the Congress Heights neighborhood, with two killed.

March 31: Four people, including a child, are killed at an office complex in Orange, California. Six people in total were shot, with the surviving two hospitalized. 

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